Saturday, August 8, 2020

Grounded's Arachnophobia Slider Should Be The Standard


Grounded, the most recent game from Obsidian Entertainment, has a lot going for it as a survival game in The Time of the Battle Royale. Rather than surviving on an island or forest, Grounded takes place in your own backyard, and instead of dinosaurs and zombies, you're now face-to-face with many of the bugs hidden under the tall grass. As someone who is no longer bothered by giant dinosaurs and shambling corpses, but is terrified of spiders, this is scarier than both the formers combined.
Not only are the spiders naturally terrifying(Google 'spider faces' and tell me how well you sleep tonight), they are also huge. Most of the bugs in Grounded(especially the ants!) are cute and adorable by comparison, but the spiders are enormous, with high damage and sticky webbing. On their own, they're fearsome enemies, but to an arachnophobe, they become a wall that stops play altogether.